A Good Teachers Professional Development Resource from Apple Education

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In today’s post I want to bring your attention to this awesome free educational resource from Apple called Apple Teacher Learning Centre. This is an online platform designed specifically for teachers implementing Apple products in their instruction. It provides a wide variety of resources, materials, lesson ideas and projects to help teachers make the best of Apple technology in education. However, you can benefit from this website even though you are not an Apple user as several of the learning activities, lesson tips and project ideas can be applied through the use of apps that are not necessarily Apple’s.

To start using Apple Teacher Learning Centre, you need to sign up using your Apple login credentials. Fill in your information including the school subject you teach and hit ‘Sign up’. Once logged in, you select the collection you want to browse: iPad or iMac. Each selection features a number of resources, guides, and study materials for using iPad, Mac or Apple apps in your classroom. For instance, in the iPad collection you will find guides on how to use iMovie, Keynote, GarageBand, Pages, or Numbers app to create engaging educational content. You can also access iPad starter guide to learn about the built-in features and tips to integrate iPad in your class instruction. At the end of each guide you read you will have the option to take a quiz to test your mastery of the skills covered in the guide. If you pass the quiz you will ear a Badge and if you pass all the eight quizzes for either iPad or Mac you will become an Apple Teacher and ‘gain access to more learning resources and badges to continue your journey as an Apple Teacher.’

Besides the iPad and Mac collections, you can also access a number of other interesting resource pages such as ‘Learning Resources for Teacher’, ‘Bring Apple Teacher to your School’, ‘Earning Swift Playgrounds Badges’, ‘Inspiration for Teachers’ and many more. Head over to Apple Teacher learning centre and give it a try.