A Collection of Some Very Good Resume Templates for Teachers and Students

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Resumes are key in showcasing one’s skills and abilities to prospective employers and as such they require scrupulous attention to details when designing them. The strength of a resume lies in two aspects: the content and the visual lay-out. What matters to us here is the lay-out part  for the content part is your work.  Creating visually appealing resumes can make a huge difference in the impression recruiters can have  about you. Luckily , there are now several tools you can use to craft a professionally looking resume. We have already reviewed some of them in the past and today we are sharing with you another excellent one: Canva resume maker.

Canva, the popular infographic creation tool, offers a wide variety of beautiful and creative resume layouts students can use to design and share their resumes. Using an intuitive drag and drop editor, students can easily edit and customize resume layouts the way they want. They can add pr remove sections, change text fonts, change backgrounds,  add visuals and when they are done they can save and share with others.

Canva allows you to share your new resumes with  peers or friends and ask for their feedback. You can simply ‘check the ‘can comment’ box if you just want them to share their feedback on the design.’ Besides the digital version, you can download your resume in PDF-print format , PNG or JPG formats. ‘Creating a resume on Canva is absolutely free. You can create as many resumes as you want and edit them as many times as you prefer. You are only charged if you use a paid elements from Canva’s media library. Most of the elements are free, while only a few cost $1 for each one time use.’