Here Is A Good Website for History Teachers

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Smithsonian’s History Explorer provides teachers, educators and students with a wide variety of resources to help them teach and learn about the American history. The site is a fruit of the partnership between the National Museum of American History and he Verizon Foundation. ‘History Explorer's resources focus on learning history by "reading" objects for the stories they hold about the nation and its many peoples. Learning activities feature artifacts selected from over 3 million items in the Museum's collections, and draw on the expertise of the Museum's renowned curatorial staff.’

History Explorer provides seven types of resource types: artifacts, primary sources, lessons and activities, worksheets, reference materials, reviewed websites, and interactives and media. You can use the search box on the left to search for resources. To get precise results you need to narrow down your search using criteria such as grade level, historical era, cross-curricular connections, and resource type. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use materials you find on History Explorer.