Grab These Educational iPad Apps-They Are Free Today

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In this week’s Apps Gone Free post we have curated for you 5 good iPad apps that you may want to try out. These apps are free and only for a limited period of time. This deal is valid at least in the Canadian and American iTunes app Stores. The app that stands out to us from this collection is BeatMaker 3 which is a pricy app. Its regular price is $24.99. Music teachers will particularly find it helpful. It is basically a mobile musical studio that provides tools to help you record and create your own music. Other apps include a to-do list creation app, a calendar, an app for fighting procrastination and a puzzle game. Enjoy

Grab These Educational iPad Apps-They Are Free Today

1- Seek
‘Seek is a social community that allows you to experience and share augmented reality (AR) content, all in one app. Seek brings a fresh new experience and way to communicate with friends, discover experiences, and even discover things in the world around you. While you’re out there adventuring in your new AR world, you may also find some treasure with real prizes.’

2- Time 2
‘Time 2 will help you beat procrastination and become a stress free productivity pro! Here is how it works: add a task and an amount of time you want to spend on it. Your job is to beat the clock and get your task done before the timer runs out. If you get distracted, you risk the timer running out and going into overtime!’

‘’Meet Do.List, a place to prioritize your tasks, organize your life, and make lists. Some of its features include: easy drag and drop to prioritize your day, no ads, simple desings, iCloud backup and many more.’

4- The Grid- Calendar
‘The Grid aims to do just that. With text right on your calendar you can see everything at a glance. And with the calendar filter bar always up, you can view the events of only the calendar you need with just one tap. Need to create an event you use all the time, templates are built right in. Need to re-schedule, drag-n-drop an event to another day. Its all so easy you'll wonder why every calendar doesn't do it this way.’

5- BeatMaker3
A music production suite that combines the strength of traditional desktop software and real hardware. ‘Its streamlined workflow lets you perform and shape your ideas quickly and effectively, turning your instruments into full productions. Inspirational performance tools such as repeat, roll, swing, key scales & chords and macro controls will boost your creativity tenfold.
Take control of it all with your MIDI gear and the new smart binding system.’

6- The Enchanted Books
‘In this latest adventure with Uncle Henry, he has had a secret kept for many years that he now wishes to share with you. Over his travels he has discovered three enchanted books that transport you to the worlds written on their pages when using a special amulet for each. He has just learned that there is a fourth book hidden within one of these worlds! He asks for your help in search of this fourth book. You must go to his house and use the clues and puzzles he has placed to locate and explore the three books that are hidden away in his library.’

Source: Apps Gone Free