An Interesting New Presentation Tool for Teachers

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Ludus is an interesting new presentation tool you may want to try out. It provides you with a minimalist interface and an intuitive editor to help you design visually stunning slides. With a single click you can drag and drop different multimedia content to your slides. You can include videos, images, text and many more. You also have access to a number of professional features that include rounded corners, drop shadows, blend modes, color overlay and color picker.

Ludus also allows you to use your favourite fonts in your presentations. Anything you drag and drop into your slides will be automatically converted to a readable version so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Other features provided by Ludus include: zoom in and zoom out your presentation to work the details or have a general overview; trim and remove unwanted portions of your pictures; use different drawing brushes to create beautiful artworks inside your slides; add a shadow to your objects and choose the size, orientation and blur… and many more. Please note that Ludus is still in beta mode and you need to request beta access to use it.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ludus.

Courtesy of Producthunt