9 Great Apps for Teaching Kids Cursive Writing

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Updated in January 2022

Upon the request of some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning I went ahead and curated for you these  helpful iPad apps to use with young learners to help them master the art of cursive writing. Though the use of these apps, kids will get to learn how individual letters are combined to create words, learn how to trace letters (both lowercase and uppercase) of the alphabet, engage in different writing activities to practice cursive writing, play interactive tracing games to learn cursive letters, and many more. Check them out and share with us your feedback. Links to the apps are under the visual.

9 Great Apps for Teaching Kids Cursive Writing

1- Cursive Writing- abCursive

This is an excellent app for learning cursive writing. It is free today and only for a limited period of time. Some of the things we can do with this app includes learn both lowercase and uppercase cursive letters, practice cursive words, connect cursive letters, see cursive writing animation.

2- Cursive Writing

‘"Cursive Writing” is an useful application for all ages who are taking their first step into learning cursive writing. It provides not only letter by letter but 234 words, which show the users how individual(lower and upper case) letters are combined into words.’

3- Cursive Writing HD DN Style

‘This application helps you practice cursive scripts.Cursive script is meaningful when you write letters consecutively, not separately.’

4- Abc Cursive Writing For Preschool Toddlers

‘Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn cursive writing and trace letters of the alphabet? Look no further than ABC Cursive Writing Game. A tracing game that will teach kids to write cursive letters.’

5- Learn English Cursive Writing

‘You can learn cursive writing by finger touch. In this app we are trying to provide you a real cursive writing content and letters with writing direction arrows.’

6- Cursive Handwriting Practice

‘Learn how to write each letter of the alphabet in cursive with simple writing activities that can be practised again and again.’

7- Pre-Cursive Writing Practice

‘Get started with writing and learn how to write each letter of the alphabet in pre-cursive with simple writing activities that can be practised again and again.’

8- Cursive Writing

‘Cursive Writing- is a great way for the family to practice cursive writing. Select the options in the "Settings" screen. Play until you master the game.’

9- Cursive Writing Small Letters Free

‘Tabbydo launches Small Letters Cursive writing game, designed specifically for kids which will help them write/trace 26 lowercase alphabets along with shapes and their names and a white canvas to paint freely.’