5 Good iPad Apps Free Today

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May 28, 2017
We are back to you with another collection of iPad apps that are on sale now and only for a limited period of time. These apps are free at least in the Canadian and American iTunes stores. Some of the things you can do with them include: create beautiful visual reminders, turn your photos into unique works of art, engage kids in learning math through challenging and fun games, learn about historical figures through trivia game, and many more.

5 Good iPad Apps Free Today

1- Cuecard
‘The revolutionary to-do app that uses simple icons as visual Cues to remind you of your important tasks! To remember your task, simply choose one of the beautifully crafted built-in Cues as a visual reminder.’

2- Oilist
‘’Give Oilist an image and it will automatically generate a genuine and unique work of art based on it. Painted for you in real time… When Oilist is painting, styles may be infinitely customized by selecting from 12 different painting moods, choosing from 15 different brushes, setting brush options such as the size and spacing, and by injecting imperfections with the exciting Chaos tool.’

3- Animal Math Second Grade Math Games for Kids Math
‘Join Emma in a brand new adventure as she helps Oleg the Owl, Chloe the Fox, and more of her animal friends complete over 100 second grade math challenges and find their way through the forest!’

4- Who Was? Adventure
‘How well do you know historical figures and pop icons? Download today and put your knowledge to the test. Enjoy gameplay inspired by classic arcade favorites as you learn about some of the most famous and important figures in history.’

5- AR Synth Music
‘AR Synth Music is a unique blend of performance music and augmented reality. To make it work all you need is a dollar. Simply look through your iPhone screen and the dollar transforms into a full potential synthesizer. Place your fingers over the orange virtual buttons to use them…’

Source: Apps Gone Free