An Excellent Tool for Taking Time-stamped Notes While Watching Videos

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February 21, 2017
TurboNote is an excellent Chrome extension to use for taking notes on videos. It uses the same principle as Video.notes but has more interesting features which will enhance your video note taking experience. You can use TurboNote to take and share time-stamped notes while watching videos. Once you are done, you can share your notes with others through social media websites or via unique generated URLs. ‘TurboNote not only support popular video sites, like Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo, DailyMotion, it also has widely support on popular online tutorial sites (MOOCs), like Coursera, Edx, Khan Academy, Lynda, TED, Udacity, Udemy. TurboNote can be your e-learning buddy. ‘

TurboNote also supports web page annotation. You can highlight any portion of text on a web page, add a comment to it and share it with others. Additionally, you can use TurboNote to collaboratively watch and annotate videos. The process is very simple: click on the ‘watch together button’, then select ‘create event’ and share the generated URL with your colleagues. Another cool feature provided by TurboNote is transcription but this one only supports transcripts (English version) for Youtube videos which have CC available.

Click on this Animated gif to learn more about to use TurboNote to take video notes.