A Must Read Interactive Guide for Teachers New to iPad

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November 26, 2016
For those of you new to the world of iPad, here is a great free interactive guide from Apple Education to help you make the best of iPad in your teaching and in your professional growth. This guide is part of a series of free interactive iBooks  Apple has recently published covering a wide range of its products with the explicit purpose of helping educators and teachers effectively integrate these products and apps in their day to day teaching. Check out this section to see the guides we have reviewed so far.

iPad Starter Guide is designed specifically to help newbies master their iPad in terms of understanding the different features and tips it embeds and exploring the different ways teachers can use iPad potentialities to enhance their productivity and support their personal time-management and professional teaching needs. More specifically, this interactive guide will help you ‘learn how to navigate and personalize your device, work with built-in apps and features, and explore the world of learning and teaching resources available for iPad. Along the way, you will become more confident, pick up new skills, and get inspired to create hands-on and personalized learning experiences.’