A New Google Tool for Music Teachers

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October 6, 2016
Google’s popular app Science Journal has recently added an interesting feature called Light Instruments which is basically an activity that enables students ‘to design and build a musical instrument played by changing the light that reaches it’. the instruments are constructed from light sensors connected to external bluetooth devices which ‘when connected to the Science Journal app, will shoe the sensor’s value and change as the levels of light do, and produce different notes through the graph signification’.

More importantly, students with visual impairment can now use the app to easily translate graphs into musical notes. Commenting on this new feature, Google states that When they first shared this feature with their partners at the Exploratorium, ‘they saw more than an accessibility tool for users with low vision. As believers in “low floor / high ceiling” learning experiences (where users can enter at any background level and continue to learn and grow within the experience), they saw graph sonification as a way for kids with little-to-no experience analyzing graphs to start developing graph literacy and understanding data trends, lowering the “floor” for kids to do scientific exploration.’

Watch the video below to learn more about Light Instruments

Watch this video to learn more about sonification feature