A Collection of Some Very Good iPad Apps for Creating Story Books in Class

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A great way to engage students in productive literacy practices is to provide them with the tools and opportunities to help them compose and narrate stories through the use of  a mixture of multimedia materials that include pictures, text, audio, and video. Besides enhancing their writing skills, this form of composition helps them express themselves multimodally and develop complex ways  of communicating their ideas. In the list below, we are sharing with you a sampler of some of the best apps students can use on their iPads to create beautiful story books. Most of these apps are ideal for all grades from elementary to high school.

1- Story Creator

‘With Story Creator you can easily create beautiful story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio all in one gorgeous collection. Story Creator truly brings your best stories to life and easily allows you to retell and share your most memorable moments.’

2- Little Story Maker

‘Little Story Maker offers a magical way to enjoy your personal pictures and stories with your child. The little ones will love to hear stories with pictures of people and places they are familiar with.
Older kids, will love the stories and the ability to easily create stories all on their own.’

3- My Story Book Creator

My Story Book Creator lets you ‘create and share ebooks and movies of your stories by adding drawings, photos, and stickers. Export to iBooks!You can record your own voice, choose from hundreds of fun stickers, and share your storybooks on the web or via popular social media websites.

4- Book Creator for iPad

‘Book Creator is the simple way to make your own beautiful ebooks, right on your iPad. With over 15 million ebooks created so far, Book Creator is ideal for making all kinds of books, including children's picture books, comic books, photo books, journals, textbooks and more.’

5- Story Wheel

‘Story Wheel is an educational game that improves your child’s cognitive abilities. Story Wheel helps develop an understanding of story composition, strengthens imagination, and improves oral language skills. It is a perfect complement to your child’s language arts school curriculum.’

6- Picturebook

‘Create and share your very own illustrated stories in a few simple steps!
Picturebook: School Edition includes over 250 illustrations in 12 complete picture sets and all available add-on features. No ads and no in-app purchases. Choose from a constantly updating library of cute pictures. Narrate your story with any text you like. Add your own photos.’
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