Three Powerful Tools Students Can Use to Add Notes to Videos

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April 4, 2016
Most video editors out there support different forms of annotations but if you are looking for some easy and simple ones to use with students the list below has you covered. These are great applications that allow you to add notes and comments to your videos. Students can use them to enrich and illustrate their video content. The first two tools are web based but the last one is a mobile app for iOS-enabled devices.

This is one of our favourite tools in this category. VideoNotes allows you to easily take notes on video from different platforms including: YouTube, Khan Academu, edX, Vimeo, and Coursera. All your notes are automatically synchronized with your video and with a simple click you are directed to the point in video where you wrote the note. VideoNotes is also integrated with Google Drive making it super easy for you to save your annotated videos to your Drive. Watch this video to learn more about

2- YouTube Video Editor
This is also another powerful tool to use to add annotations and text to your videos. It supports five different types of annotations namely: speech bubbles, spotlight, notes, titles, and labels. You can add annotations right from Video Manager tab in your YouTube channel. Watch this video to learn more.

3- Write-on Video

‘Write-on Video is a user-friendly tool that allows you to annotate and animate videos and pictures. Arrange photos and videos into a stunning slideshows complemented by free-hand drawing, text boxes, stickers, audio and sound clips. Write-on Video automatically organizes each annotated frame into a storyboard so that you can add comments and information beside each scene. All text in the storyboard is true text that can be edited in reader apps.’