Turn Your iPad to A Blackboard Presenter with This Cool App

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March  21, 2016
In a previous post in the past we talked about three basic ways you can use to mirror your iPad screen to a projector. Today we are adding another great resource in this direction. Blackboard Presenter is an iPad app that you can use not only to mirror your iPad screen to a projector but to turn your whole iPad to blackboard presenter. Using VGA cable, the app sends the blackboard to projector and whatever you do on your iPad will be automatically displayed on the projector. This is definitely a great app to use with students in class.

You can use the blackboard offered by Blackboard Presenter  to draw or handwrite anything on your iPad screen and see it live on the projector. The app also offers a number of important blackboard features that include erase tool; erase function; interpolated line for real hand writing, change chalk type for drawing rectangle, triangle, straight line..etc; change board color; change chalk color and size and many more. Another important feature is that you can send a copy of whatever you have done on the board to your email. Blackboard Presenter is not free but comes at a low price of $0,99.