Interactive Mini-quizzes and Tutorials to Teach Students Coding

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September 1, 2015
Besides the various coding apps and tools we have shared here in the past few months, today we are featuring another two important iPad coding apps that have recently made the news in the EdTech world. The apps are ideal to use with your students to introduce them to the world of programming and coding through the use of interactive tutorials and engaging mini-quizzes. Both of these apps are free to install and the introductory tutorials are also free but to unlock other content you will have to do an in-app purchase.

1- Swifty

Swifty provides over 200 simple interactive tutorials to help you learn everything you need to start programming. The tutorials range from the basics, and advances topics like classes, optionals and tuples. The first chapter is free. Unlock all others with a single in-app purchase! Once purchased, you'll be eligible for all future additions and updates. Pretty sweet, huh?

2- Lrn

Len is an iPad app that teaches you coding through interactive min-quizzes.  It offers over 50 free mini-quizzes and another 120+ mini-quizzes can be unlocked in the app. ‘You will gain an understanding of how to read, write and speak the language of programming. No experience, internet or keyboard necessary. It is time to become fluent in code!’