Great Interactive Guides to Help Use Twitter in Your Teaching

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August 2, 2015
Thinking about integrating the microblogging platform Twitter in your instructional methodology? These handy short guides are a great place to start with. They feature a plethora of ideas, tips and examples on how to effectively use Twitter in your teaching. Also in this series of instructional guides for teachers are : Free Guides on how to Effectively Use iPads in Your Teaching and 3 Interactive Guides to Help you Integrate Technology in Your Class.

1- The Twitter Teacher, by Homer Colunga, M.S.

‘This book is for teachers that would like to implement the use of Twitter in the classroom.  It is complete with examples, pictures, and video demonstrations to help you easily get started with Twitter.’

2- Twitter for Professionals, by Keely Meeker

‘Get started using the social network for professional networking and development with this book, including video how-tos and great tips. We'll start at the very beginning, with explanations of how Twitter works, how to create an account, understanding different kinds of tweets and how to build relationships with other users. In less than an hour, this book will get you involved and engaged in the social media conversation - ready to learn, network and grow. If you've never used it before, this course is Twitter 101!’

2- Twitter for Administrators, by Kipp D. Rogers, Ph.D.

Twitter for Administrators is a  beginner’s guide to using Twitter for school administrators.

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