Top 50 Higher Education EdTech Blogs

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May 7, 2015
For folks in higher education, the popular EdTech Magazine has this list of some wonderful blogs that made it into last year’s must read higher-Ed IT blogs. The list contains 50 blogs all of which are authored by ‘leading voices in their fields’. These bogs represent the intersection of educational technology and higher education and provide higher ed students and educators with of tips, guides, tutorials, tidbits and the latest in the world of higherEd technology.

Nominations for EdTech HigherEd's 2015 must-read IT blogs are open. You can learn more about the nominations for this year from this page. You can also suggest and add your favourite Higher IT blogs to the Listly list set up for this purpose. For now let us share with you the first 10 higher Ed IT bogs for 2014. Check out the complete list from this page.  The list is curated by social media journalist Frank Smith. Enjoy

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