3 Simple Tools to Create Quote Posters for Your Class

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May 29, 2015
Below are three of our favourite web tools for creating picture quotes.  You can use these tools with your students to create beautiful quote posters for your class. These picture quotes can be used as warm-up activities or entry events to project based learning. They could also serve as prompts to brainstorm ideas around a given topic or as educational posters to embellish your classroom walls with nuggets of wisdom.

1- PixTeller

“PixTeller is a new and simple way to make beautiful posters and to share them with your friends and family. Use your imagination and create targeted image quotes, personalized greeting cards and you'll get more social attention.”


“ turns any ordinary quotes texts into beautiful quotes picture for Facebook, Twitter header, Google Plus, E-Cards, Wallpapers, Pinterest, Posters and other print design.”

3- Quozio

“Quozio turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds. Then share 'em on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more!”

Check out this page for more picture quote tools.

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