3 Important Updates to Google Classroom Teachers Should Know About

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May 6, 2015
Google Classroom celebrates this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week with the release of some new interesting features to its mobile apps. These new updates are geared towards enhancing Classroom performance by allowing teachers to stay updated of their classes whenever and wherever they are.  Here is a run-down of the new features. More releases are to be announced this week.

1- Teachers can now grade  assignments right in their mobile devices with the ability to send individualized feedback to students.

2- Editing and creating assignments is now supported on mobile devices. This includes the ability to “ make a copy for every student”.

3- “Just take a photo to create a post or assignment, so you can easily share those whiteboard notes with the class or assign the math problem that you jotted down on that napkin. “

As is the case with all Google’s products, Google Classroom has now an online Help centre . The centre features a wide variety of resources and guides  covering everything you need to know about Google Classroom. Check it out to learn more.