3 Great Resources for Creating Engaging Presentations

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January 31, 2015
Today I am sharing with you some excellent resources to help you deliver better presentations. These resources cover both the process of how to go about creating engaging presentations using different multimedia materials and also the various methods to use to hold the attention of your audience and keep them focused.

1- How to Be A Presentation Ninja
This slideshow is created by Gwyneth Jones in which she shared some useful tips on how to design a beautiful presentation. The slideshow itself is an example of how a well-designed and engaging presentation looks like.

2- Eight Tips to Power Up your Presentations
In this post, Jason shared interesting nuggets from his 20 years experience of creating and working with presentations. His tips cover things such as how to reduce noise, maximize visuals, minimize verbosity, how to use transitions and many more.

3- Eight Storytelling Techniques for Engaging Presentations

In this wonderful post, you will get to learn about 8 practical storytelling strategies advocated by Ffion to help you build the flow needed to keep your audience motivated and enchanted.

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