A Handful of Good Sketches Illustrating Education Predictions for 2015

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January 14, 2015
The Twitter hashtag #EdPredections has been making the news lately creating a growing discussion among educators around predictions of the major events that will mark education in the year 2015. Two interesting resources I stumbled upon via this hashtags and which I really liked are “Kindergarten Entry Test and More Education Predictions for 2014” and “Sketchucation”. Both of these articles are shared by nprEd.

In the first article, the nprEd team featured 15 provocative predictions of what they think will characterize education in this year. Top of these predictions is the integration of blended learning as a daily practice followed by more scrutiny of student data. The article is really a good read and delves deep into more details on each of these predictions. Sketchucation is kinda funny. The word probably refers to an amalgamation of sketching and education. This article features some awesome sketches created by LA Johnson illustrating in a comic way some of the predictions shared through the #EdPredictions hashtag. I invite you to check them out and share with your colleagues.

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