A Great iPad App to Turn Physical Notes into Digital Notes

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November, 2014
Post-it Plus is a great iPad app that you can use to digitize your physical sticky notes. The way it works is pretty simple: install the app in your iPad and then use it to snap an image of the physical notes you have. Post-it Plus will then digitize these notes in a format that will allow you to edit, arrange, refine and organize them into different boards.

This is a great app to use when attending a PD session or a conference or even use it in class with students to capture ideas and render physical notes accessible online. Posit-it Plus is also great for organizing your different notes into easily accessible categories and boards. You can group your ideas by thought or simply organize them on a grid. You can also combine notes from different sessions into one single board. And if you work with a team of collaborators, they can also help with the editing, arranging and adding of new notes and ideas.

Post-it Plus also allows you to share your digitized notes in PDF format or to your favourite applications like Dropbox.

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