This Is How Students Can Use Google Docs Real Time Collaboration

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November 15, 2014
One of the best features that  Google Docs provides to its users is real time collaboration. Students can use it to work on a writing project in the same time. Using this feature students will be able to see what each one has added to the document, access edits, and even carry on a little chat on the side of the document. The syncing process is quite seamless and instantaneous.

In the video below, Google Help staff demonstrate how you can use the real time collaboration feature in Google Docs. The main things students will get from this video are :

  • How to create a Google doc and share it with their peers.
  • How to give editing access to collaborators
  • How to identify what other collaborators have added to the document
  • How to chat with collaborators
  • How to bring other people (non-collaborators) into the conversation

Watch the video to learn more about Google Docs real time collaboration.