A Good Twitter Visual Guide in Dr. Seuss Style

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November 1, 2014
How about a Twitter guide in Dr. Seuss style? This is exactly what Hootsuite did in the visual below. Going through it would give you the impression that you are reading one of the books of Dr. Seuss. I really liked the idea and I think the folks in Hootsuite did a great a job indeed.

A Dr Seuss inspired guide to Twitter features some basic tips for beginner Tweeters on how to go about in their Tweeting journey. They talked about things like what to avoid when tweeting , how often you should tweet, what to tweet and few other ideas related to Twitter etiquette. Here are two of the tips that stood out to me both content wise and rhyme wise:

First, let tweets breathe. Give your message some time.
Clogging up feeds, has no reason or rhyme.
If you send tweets too much, you'll risk looking like spam,
But not the good kind you fry, with green egg and ham.

Second, and this is big, don't get too cocky,
And start name-dropping yourself, like every movie with Rocky.
Even if your followers enjoy what you do,
They probably like reading about things too.

Here is the full visual. Enjoy

Dr Seuss Twitter Guide