Easily Create Classroom Posters and Flyers Using Canva for iPad

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October 17, 2014
The popular web platform Canva has recently released a great free app for iPad users. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Canva, this is a web tool that allows you to create beautiful visuals, posters, and flyers. The simplicity of Canva is what makes it a viable tool for using in class with students. You do not need to be a graphic designer to use Canva. All you need is a computer or iPad and internet connection. Canva provides you with a variety of pre-made templates and layouts that you can choose from to create your poster. It also provides numerous images and illustrations to use on your layout.

The process to use Canva is pretty simple. Select your layout. Search for graphics and images to include in your template and customize the background colour and fonts of the text. You can even include pictures stored on your iPad and once your poster is finished you can then share it with others using social media websites or ,even better, save it to your iPad as PNG or PDF.

Watch this video to see Canva in action.

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