Grab These Two Great iPad Apps They Are Free Today

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August 21, 2014
Here are two great iPad apps that I want you to try since they are free for a limited time (free at least for folks here in Canada and the States, might not not be free in Europe and other places). The first app is Writable ( used to cost $9.99) and the second one is Resume Pro (regular price is $ 6.99).

1- Writable

Writable knows thousands of common misspellings. You decide how much and how Writable helps you, ranging from just fixing common spellings mistakes to a full-blown phonetic model that considers what your writing sounds like, rather than how you spell. Other features provided by Writable include:
  • It has topical US English dictionaries for biology, chemistry, engineering, history, math, physics and sociology.
  • Grab PDF and Word files from your inbox, or share them with AirDrop. Writable will read all PDF files with embedded text aloud to you, and highlight the words along the way.
  • Writable keeps a copy of everything you write in your Dropbox account. Activating your cloud folder is a simple as sliding a single switch from off to on.
2- Resume Pro

Resume Pro allows you to produce elegant professional looking resumes/cvs in a matter of minutes! Just enter your resume details once and then Resume Designer enables you to choose from multiple professional looking resume styles. You can then email your resume to your prospective employer or you can print it out directly from the app.
Some features of Resume Pro include:
  • Choose from 5 sample resumes and 18 professional resume styles (90 different combinations) or create your own in just a few minutes (unlimited combinations) 
  • The optional ability to add a photo to your resume 
  • Distinguish your resume from others by adding a cover letter 
  • Export to PDF and send it directly from your mobile 
  • Share via eMail 
  • iCloud support. Edit your resume on any of your devices 
  • Integration with DropBox, G-Drive, iBook and other apps 
  • Print directly from your device 
  • Build multiple resumes with different styles 
Courtesy of TechChef4U and Learning in Hand