A Good Visual Featuring 7 Ways to Be More Creative

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August, 2014
Creativity, according to Albert Einstein, is intelligence having fun and for most neuro-cognitive scientists creativity is something that is inherently born with us and the proof is kids. All kids draw on their sharp sense of creativity to discover and explore the world around them. They can easily adapt their behaviour to new situations, develop new thinking skills and are constantly engaged in trying out "new ways of doing stuff". Sir Ken Robinson made a strong argument in this regard in his popular TED talk "schools kill creativity". Ken argued that kids come to school bursting with  creativity and by the time they graduate they have lost most if not all of their creativity. Sounds like schools are "educating kids out of creativity"!

But creativity is similar to a light bulb anytime you turn it on it will light the whole place. It might be dormant but it is always there waiting for someone to rekindle it. Creativity is a praxis, it involves doing and thinking and there are different ways to combine this doing and thinking to make a creative act. the visual brow features some of these ways. You can also check this post for more suggestions on how to be more creative.

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