Fantastic Chart On 21st Century Education Vs Traditional Education

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June 25, 2014
I am not sure if you have already seen it or not but I don't want anyone to miss it. This wonderful chart created by Dr Jackie Gerstein outlines some of the major differences between what education used to be and how it is now.  These differences are conspicuously noticed in 4 key areas : teacher and student roles, curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy.

Teacher's role
Teachers are no longer the "sage on the stage" and the only source of the content knowledge in class. They rather  lead from behind. They are mere coaches and mentors who guide their learners in a learning journey of discovery.

Student's role
Students, too, have assumed a more open and encompassing role in today's education. They are no longer the passive learners whose role is limited to consuming what others have produced. Today's students are actively engaged in the production and sharing of knowledge.

Unlike the traditional one-fits-all curriculum that used to focus on a single textbook to deliver content knowledge, today's curricula are more diverse, differentiated and multi-sourced.

Pedagogy is the mirror through which the above changes are reflected. Instruction now is less teacher centred and more student centred. Errors and mistakes are celebrated and considered  healthy signs of learning and misbehaviour is viewed as " an opportunity for growth and often resolved through group efforts".

A growing trend towards ongoing formative assessment done for and by students is now in vogue.

Check out Jackie's chart to learn more.

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