A Beautiful Classroom Poster on Writing Accuracy

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April , 2014
Below is a wonderful classroom poster I came across in Edutopia's Pinterest board.The poster outlines 5 things students should pay heed to when engaged in writing tasks. You can print and use this poster in your class with your students. It can be used as a self assessment checklist that students draw on when working on their writings. It can also be a good way to initiate discussions around areas that pose real difficulties to students writings.

Th areas that the Onion graphic features  are :
Start by checking for accurate punctuation: fullstops, capital letters, commas and apostrophes.

2- Words
Have you chosen the most interesting and well matched words for your subject, type of text and topic? Have you checked your spelling?

Are your sentences clear and accurate? Is their length varied and controlled?

Did you remember the paragraph rules for your subject or topic?

5- Text Features
Have you used the right text type features ( e.g. explain/inform/ persuade)?

You can download this poster from this link. This poster is found on "cheneyagilitytoolkit.blogspot.com"

writing accuracy

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