Two Great Web Tools to Create Visual Stories

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March 29, 2014
Today as I was working on a presentation on Haiku Deck it dawned on me to write up this short blog post and share with you these two wonderful tools to use with your students to create visual stories. Using these tools,students will be able to design  stories based on a blending of pictures and text. For more resources and tools, check out this page.

1- Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is definitely one of the best presentation tools of the year. It was initially available on iPad only but since a few weeks ago Haiku Deck becomes available for web users as well. Students can use Haiku Deck to visually narrate their stories. This tool provides them with a bunch of pre-made themes and templates they can choose from. They can also use Haiku's image library to search for images to include in their slides or upload their own images. One  powerful feature of Haiku Deck is that it automatically resizes images and shrinks text to fit in the slides so students will not have to bother with editing and resizing images. Stories created on Haiku Deck can be shared on popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, or be exported as PPT files or be embedded in blog posts.

2- Projeqt
Projeqt is another wonderful web tool that students can use to create visual stories. With Projeqt students will be able to curate content they find on the web and add it to their presentations or upload their own content and text to work on. They can easily upload and convert a PowerPoint, PDF document or batch upload many image files at once to create a Projeqt in minutes. Watch this video to learn more about Projeqt.

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