Easily Create Collaborative Diagrams and Mind Maps on Google Drive

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March 13, 2014
Using Lucidchart add-on on google Docs students will be able to create and edit diagrams and mind maps collaboratively and in realtime. I have been tinkering a little bit with this add-on and found it really interesting.

 With the Lucidchart add-on for Google Docs, you can quickly:
  •  Create and edit Lucidchart documents from Docs 
  •  Insert diagrams directly into a Google document 
  • Update inserted diagrams with latest changes made in Lucidchart Hundreds of Templates and Examples
  •  Choose from hundreds of shapes 
  • Autoprompt for quickly adding and connecting objects 
  •  Drag new lines out of any object -
  • Drag and drop to add your own images 
  • Export to (vector) PDF, PNG, and JPG 
  •  Embed diagrams in blogs or wikis 
  •  Interactive mockups with hotspots and states 
  •  Import documents from Microsoft Visio (.vsd, .vsdx and .vdx) 
  •  Export documents to Microsoft Visio (.vdx) 
  •  Collaboration: Real time collaboration with changes merged and synced instantaneously when online  Unlimited number of simultaneous collaborators
  •   Powerful version control, with full revision history  Group chat 
  •  Robust commenting system 
  To use Lucidchart on your Google Drive , you need to install the add-on first. Click here to install it. Once installed, grant it permission to access your Drive and then you will be directed to a Google Doc where you can start creating diagrams.

Click on "create"

Choose from the templates provided and then give your document a title.

 Start working on your diagram. Anything you creating will be automatically saved to your Google Drive. Just click on insert to add your diagram to your Google Doc.

Watch this video to learn more about how to use Lucidchart to create diagrams in Google Doc