Digital Storytelling with The iPad

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February 28 , 2014
Digital Story Telling with The iPad is a wonderful resource I often recommend to teachers in my workshops. This resource is created by a dedicated group of Apple Distinguished Educators ( Cindy Huson, Karen Bosch, Sherri Clemens, Jerome Burg, Jim Harmon, Paul Devoto ). The purpose behind their work is to help teachers transform students digital writing through the use of digital storytelling apps available for iPad. According to these educators "The iPad takes digital storytelling to a new level by making the process easier, and even more engaging for students of all grade levels as well as for their teachers."

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Here are the main sections of this web resource:

1- App Tutorials
In this page you will be introduced to some video tutorials featuring different iPad digital story telling apps. The apps covered here include: Storykit, Sonipics, and Storyrobe.

2- Apps for Digital Storytelling
This section features 15 great iPad apps for digital storytelling. Next to each app is attached a description of its features and whether the app is free or premium.

3- Resources
In this page you will find more resources on digital storytelling including articles, web 2.0 tools. and digital storytelling and iTunes U.