Air Sketch- Project Your Drawings and Presentations from iPad to A Computer for Free

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February 13, 2014
There are several ways you can connect your iPad wirelessly to your PC or Mac. This technique is great for sharing tutorials and illustrations with students in the classroom. It allows you to take control of your presentation and freely move around the class with your iPad in your hand while sharing your slides or whatever you are projecting to students.

Some of the best tools I like and highly recommend are AirServer and Reflector, however, there is also another wonderful app that can turn your iPad into a powerful whiteboard and without having to pay a penny. this is called Air Sketch Free.

With Air Sketch Free, you can project live sketches to your students using a local computer. This can be done in three easy steps: First launch Air Sketch, then open the indicated URL in a web browser and now everything you draw appears in the browser as you draw it.

Air Sketch is a handy app that does not require any software download, all you need is an HTML5 compatible browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. There is also a pro version of Air Sketch which provides some advanced features including the ability to wirelessly project and annotate PDF documents (including exported PDF slide decks) and pictures.