This Is What Happens With Just One Click

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January 29, 2014
Yesterday when I was working on this digital citizenship visual guide, I come across this excellent infographic on Makeuseof. The theme of this visual clicks in with some of what I talked about in that post in terms of students privacy online and how to browse the web safely.

 Safety on the web alludes to a plethora of meanings most salient of which are staying safe from online predators, hackers, and digital villain lingering around and just waiting for the right moment to attack your digital identity, steal your personal information, bully and blackmail you or harass you sexually. The spectrum of online safety expands to include safety from another type of predators, those are companies that are tracking every single move you make online, aggregating information about you and selling them advertising companies who in turn bombard you with personally customized ads that eventually turn into conversions for them.

There are different ways  we are being watched and tracked online and the visual below sums up some of these methods. I believe this could be a great poster to share with you students to help them learn more about how to manage their online browsing. Check it out and share with your colleagues.

online privacy