This is How to Generate QR Codes from Google Docs

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Today while I was browsing my Google Plus feeds I come across this interesting video shared by Life of Jordi blog. The video shows part of how this guy managed to generate QR code from Google Docs.

I invite you to watch the video and read his write-up to understand the whole process of generating QR code from Google docs. The video per se does not say much without reading the written guide.

Her is an excerpt of this write-up

 Earlier today I needed to input a list of around 30 contacts from a Google spreadsheet into my phone. I did about 4 and then realized I really didn’t want to spend the next hour typing names and numbers. I did some googling and found a few references to embedding QR codes in spreadsheets, but none of them could be used for contacts (vCard format). It turns out that if I take the code that I found, it can be fairly easily modified to allow for vCards. First, I used an online QR code generator to make a sample contact code. This let me understand the format of a vCard.