3 Important Chrome Tips for Teachers

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1- Auto-syncing
On of the best things I like about Chrome is the ability to sync your bookmarks, recently closed tabs, history...etc into any other device. To do this you will have to sign in to Chrome when you use it. Just open Chrome and look at the top side corner and click on sign in to Chrome. Use your Google id and password and there you go. Anything you save, your bookmarks, and all the extensions you use on your browser will be available to you when you access Chrome from another computer, say at school or in university. You can even  access your bookmarks and history on mobile devices like iPad.

2- Educational Extensions
Besides the extensions I use to help me with my blogging, I also use a wide variety of add-ons that, I believe, can increase the productivity of your online browsing. I have already reviewed several of these extensions and I am inviting you to check out these posts to learn more :

3-Chrome Omnibar
Chrome omnibar (AKA address bar) is also a search bar. So instead of going to Google home page each time you want  to conduct a query you can do it right from Chrome address bar. Just type in your  query in Chrome omnibar and it will direct you to Google search results page. However, there is one little trick you need to know about Chrome omnibar. When you start typing your search query into Chrome address bar a list of different suggestions shows up. These suggestions can include anything from saved bookmarks to browsing history. If you want to only see search suggestions as is the case with Google instant search, you will have to add the question mark symbol in front of your query as shown in the snapshot below.