Animoby- Easily Create Presentations Using Voice, Text, Drawings and Images

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Animoby is a wonderful app I have recently tried on my iPad. Animoby redefines the presentation concept with a robust suite of services and tips that will make your tutorials way more engaging and visually stimulating. Students can use it to create presentations, tutorials and animations, with pictures, drawings and even audio. Animoby has an interactive whiteboard where you can simply write, draw, vocalize and share your pages easily with your students.

With Animoby, you can create quality presentations using VOICE and a variety of design tools (draw, paint, type, image), and publish or share via e-mail. Animations are created when users pick a tool and simply touch the screen, and voice can accompany designs by the press of the record button. Unlike other apps that create presentions, Animoby's sharing process is simplified due to compact file sizes it uses.

Watch this video to learn more about Animoby