A Good Chart on Traditional Classroom Game Play Vs Game-based Learning

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I came across this nice chart that features some of the differences between traditional classroom game play and game-based learning and find it really interesting. It clicks with what I have been talking about in an earlier post when I compared  games to gamification.

Gamification is not necessarily a game. A game is something that you can lose at. Games are also inherently and intrinsically rewarding( examples includes  chess , role playing games..etc) there are also extrinsic rewards that are offered through games .

Gamification is a little bit different. gamification role is to find these intrinsic rewards in an activity and also offer you those extrinsic rewards for doing them, an example of that would be fitness. Fitness is intrinsically rewarding but a lot of people have problems getting motivated to do it, so the goal of gamification is to help people get motivated.

This is more or less the same difference between what We Are Teachers called traditional classroom game play and game-based learning. Is this just a game of semantics or what's going on? What do you think ?