3 Easy Ways to Turn your Class Blog Into A Beautiful e-Book

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Using the tools below, you will be able to convert your blog posts into a book in PDF format without having to pay a dime. Check them out below and share with us if you use other tools not covered here. Enjoy

1- BlogBooker

This is my favorite. It is very easy to use , all you need to do is provide an export file containing all your blog posts from your blog and follow the remaining steps. The site offers guidelines on how to do the process for both blogger and Wordpress users.

2- Zinepal

This is another great web tool to turn your blog into ebook. Here is how to do it :
  • Start on the "Create Yours" page by entering the address of a web page, blog or feed that you want to include in your eBook
  • If you enter the address of a single web page, then Zinepal adds the page to your eBook.
  • If you enter a blog or feed, then Zinepal displays a list of stories. Select the checkbox next to a story to add it to your eBook.
  • When you are done, click the "Preview Your eBook" button at the top of the page. Zinepal then creates a preview of your eBook.
  • If you are happy, click on "Finalize eBook" to create your eBook in PDF, ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.

This is a Wordpress plugin that will enable you to transform your Wordpress blog posts into an electronic book.