This is How to Integrate Technology in your Teaching Using SAMR

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SAMR model has been under the spotlight for sometime now. There are a lot of educators who use it as a basis for technology integration in education. I have already covered this topic in some previous posts and have also featured several iPad apps that correlate with the different levels of SMAR. However, it seems like some teachers haven't yet come to grips with what SAMR is all about and how they can use it in a  teaching environment to bring about  transformational learning opportunities that  wouldn't have been possible without   technology.I have received several requests for sharing more resources on SAMR and today I got you a very great graphic that says it all on SAMR.

Please spend sometime going through the different levels of SAMR as explained in the poster below and try to compare them with your technology use in your classroom. Also, try to answer all the questions posed and at the end you will have a clear picture of not only  how much technology you are using in your teaching but also how effective is this technology in your classroom.

Click HERE to check the full graphic. This work is realized ICTevangelist