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40 iPad Apps for SAMRL Model

We are all passionate educators and teachers keen on using technology to improve our teaching practices and enhance our students learning but the question is how do we know how much technology we are using and what type of technology we should be using ? Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already approached these two questions in a previous post in which I published a great check list that every teacher should be using to the technology he/she is using and how they should be using it, you can access this post HERE.

Dr Rueben Puentedura, however, came up with a new model which I think most of you are already familiar with; this is called The SAMR model. I have already talked about this model in a post I published last year but this time I am revisiting SAMR with more details.

To start with, SAMR model is a system which you can use to measure your application of technology, or its level of use. This system consists of four levels: Redefinition, Modification,Augmentation,  and Substitution. Let us now have a look at what these terms mean starting with the least important and moving up to the most important :


Tech acts as a direct substitute but with no functional change.An example of this is when you use a word processor instead of type writer, you can still do the same function  but with no copy/paste, spell check, just direct substitution


At this level there is a level of  productivity added. Using the same example as above, you can now add features such as copying, pasting, embedding images...etc


At this level we are using technology to slightly modify the initial task so if we used the typewriter to produce a written report now we can use other technology to represent the content of this report in a flowchart or infographic or in a spreadsheet...etc


At this level we use technology to totally redesign the task. The content of this task can be created collaboratively with several people working on it simultaneously , editing, adding, and removing things from it in real time. An example of this is working on a document in Google Docs.

Now that we have had an idea of these four levels work, let us explore the ipad apps that go with each level.

1- Redefiinition

2- Modification

3- Augmentation

4- Substitution

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