Teacher's Web Tools to Teach Writing as a Process

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The writing Process :
The writing process is conventionally known to be composed of  5 stages : Prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and publishing. Below are web tools to help your students in each writing stage.

  1- Pre-writing
This stage is about coming up with an idea. One of the things that students struggle with when writing is polling ideas to write about. With the tools below you can stimulate their thinking processes and trigger a whole chain of ideas in their minds.

  a- Writing prompts
Here are some resources where you can find writing prompts

  b- Digital Story Telling
Writing stories is a great way to get students actively involved in the writing process. Here are some tools for digital story telling I recommend.

  c- Graphic organizers : brain storming, mind mapping, concept mapping,
Using graphic organizers and mind maps can help students think visually . It is a good way for them to capture their ideas and concentrate on connections rather than words. Here are some tools I suggest for you

d- Create your own prompts

  • If you have tried all the above mentioned tools but you still did not find the one that meets your students needs,then try to create your own writing prompts . Check out the tool below to learn how to do it.

2- Writing, Revising, and Editing

  • Now that you have generated enough ideas to get you by, you need to organize them into coherent whole. Here are some of the best writing platforms you can use for writing, revising, and editing.

  • Great job, your paper has a shape now and you can't wait to share it with others. Here are some web tools to help you publish your writings.

Check out more publishing tools HERE