Teacher's Guide to The Use of Google Sheets

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As We said yesterday, our objective behind these tutorials is to empower you with the right tools to properly use digital  media in your teaching. We want you to benefit from all the ' hidden' features Google Apps provide. In this regard, Google Spreadsheet has  a gamut  of awesome tips that once you master , you will be able to create great sheets. Check out the tips below and click on any title to access its corresponding tutorial. Enjoy
  1. How to Create and Save a Spreadsheet
  2. How to Upload a Spreadsheet
  3. How to Create a Spreadsheet from a Template
  4. How to Edit and Format a Spreadsheet
  5. How to Format numbers, Dates, and Currencies
  6. How to Add Formulas to a Spreadsheet
  7. How to Insert a Chart in a Spreadsheet
  8. How to Share your Spreadsheet with other People
  9. How to Create and Edit Forms
  10. How to Publish a Spreadsheet
  11. How to Embed a Spreadsheet