Teachers Simple Guide on The Use of Google Forms in The Classroom

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Just a few days ago we posted here an article containing ten of the most useful Google  forms every teacher should now about and it was surprising how many of you have read it. We have also got some emails asking about a detailed tutorial on how to use Google Forms for educational purposes. Luckily enough Cyndi has recently published in one of her posts a great  video tutorial that is of extreme importance for teachers and educators looking for new ways to use Google Forms to enhance their teaching and learning.

This video is basically a free webinar presented by Google certified trainers Kevin Brookhouser and Tim Lee where they unveiled some of Google forms secrets and provided simple directions on how to create self-grading quiz forms within Google Docs. The transcript of this video is available HERE.

Key Points the webinar covers :

1- Quick review of the basics of Google Forms
2- Hidden features in forms
3-Time saving use examples
4-Troubleshooting and lessons learnt

Make sure to bookmark and share the video with your colleagues.