8 Free iPad Reading Apps for Young Learners

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1- iPlay & Sing

This is an app designed for pre-school, under-5, and non-readers. This is basically a game that will prepare kids for school via the use of bright, colourful and activity zone.

2- Booksy
This is a learning-to-read platform for young kids. It is designed to help young learners,Pre-k through 2nd grade, practice and develop their reading skills.

3- ABC Alphabet Phonics

This is an awesome educational game that helps kids rapidly learn the ABC by sight, sound, and touch.

4- Find The Words

This is a cool puzzle game that whose objective is to find and mark all the words inside the box and these words are found ,an effect sound with animation is played.

5- Aesop Quest

This is another cool learning game where the player must remember elements of a story to complete a level. The game uses reading comprehension to develop cognitive reading skills.

6- Read Me Stories

As it name suggest, Read Me Stories provides reading materials to young learners such as sample books and many more.

7- Scholastic Reading Timer

This app promotes reading practice by encouraging reading everday and most importantly, makes it fun.

8- Kids Can Spell

This app enables kids to learn about as many as 50 different animals togehter with their pictures, sound and how to spell their names.