19Pencils A Great Classroom Tool for Educators

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19Pencils is a great platform for teachers looking forward to expand their teaching beyond their classroom walls. 19Pencils provides a set of awesome free tools that allow you to create your class page and start adding links and materials to it. Users can also search content submitted by other teachers covering more than 1000 topics.


Some features of 19Pencils

Here is a list of the best features that 19Pencils offers to its users:
  • It is free
  • It has a simple and student friendly interface
  • It lets you create your own dashboard where to save links and webpages you find online
  • You can share your dashboard with others
  • You can search for content used by other  teachers
  • You can create a class page where you can add resources such as websites, videos, quizzes and more
  • You can save your favourite resources to your favourite list in your teacher dashboard and share them with your students on your class page
  • You can also create unique quizzes and view them in full screen for easy in class review
  • 19Pencils also allows you to track how your students perform on quizzes and even track which websites on your class page are the most popular and see which students accessed which website and when.
  • If you have a classroom blog or website then you can use a generated widget from 19Pencils to embed there.

Watch this video to learn more.