The Literacy Shed: Great Resource of Teaching Ideas

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The Literacy Shed is a great website we learned about from Kelly Tenkely. This website provides a huge variety of teaching resources related to literacy. Teachers will find it extremely helpful in exploring new teaching ideas and getting to know how to use stories in  their classroom.

The Literacy Shed can help you improve your students literacy and  critical thinking skills. The ideas it provides are applicable to different age groups and all you have to do is pick the one that best fits in your curriculum and don't worry there are hundreds of materials to choose from so you will never go short of ideas. It also features a section called resource of the week and blog of the week.

The Literacy Shed broadens the learners imaginative scope and pushes them to explore to the extremes of their learning. What is really particular about this website is that it has divided its contents into sheds and each shed has animated stories in video clips accompanied by a teaching idea that includes discussion questions and writing prompts.