Google Art Project : 3d Tour Into Popular Musuems

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Google Art Project is a service that Google created last year and is very useful particularly for Art teachers. It initially featured interior tours of seventeen world famous art museums.However, this month Google has expanded this service to contain more than 30.000 images from 151 museums in 40 countries. What is even greater in this new update is that users can now  enjoy the awesome services of Google Street View for 46 museums.

Using Street View users will be able to  do the following :
  • Drag the peg-man to the museum
  • Tour the museum virtually
  • Double click to zoom a location
  • Open a floor plan overview and click on any room to navigate it.
Google Art Project also lets users create their own art work collection while visiting each museum. To add any work of art you just need to click on the ' pencil and clipboard' icon. You can also create your own collection if you are already signed in with your Google account.

Watch this video to learn more about Google Art Project