Nottez Easily Take Notes Online

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Nottez is a great note taking app for educators and teachers. You can use it to take and save  notes online  at the instant of a click. I know there are several tools that can do the same job as this one but what is really special about Nottez is its simplicity and usability.


Just head over to Nottez main page and type in a username and a password. You will not be asked to provide any email ID.So as soon as you are logged in you can start  taking notes. Click on ' add new note' and  you will be directed  to a page where you will start jotting down your notes. The platform looks like any word editing tool but with no editing options. Just type in the text and give it a title then click on save or delete. Once the notes are saved you will see them on your page on Nottez.

I recommend this tool to teachers and students. It is one of the best and easiest tools to take notes online.