The Best Free Documentary Websites

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Here is the list of some of the best free Documentary websites.

1- Fandor


Fandor is a website that offers over 2000 indie movies that you can watch right from your computer. It also includes international movies and documentaries covering various categories such as comedy, drama, action and science fiction.

2- Sprdword


Sprd word is a cool website that provides great documentary videos .You can browse videos by category,topic, alphabetically or by region. Apart from documentaries , you can also find links to short informative videos on the right panel of the website.

3- Documentary Heaven


Documentary Heaven is another free to use website that offers a various collection of documentary films that you can watch online. It does not require any sign up and it allows you to select films using category options such as activist, celebrity, conspiracy, mystery, war, technology… etc.

4- TopDocumentaryFilms


TopDocumentaryFilms is a website that offers free documentaries. It has up to 350 films that can be browsed through categories such as art, biography, comedy, crime, history, military etc. You can also select the most commented or controversial documentaries in the website.

5- Human Restore


Human Restore  is a repository of free engaging documentaries featuring different categories…

6- SnagFilms


SnagFilms provides the world’s most compelling documentaries .You can search for any documentary film using a set of different categories and a smart search bar .

7- Free Documentary TV


Free Documentary Tv is a great website for watching free documentary films . It is developed by Holly who has a great passion and love for documentaries . Free Documentary Tv offers more than 1700 films covering a wide range of topics

8- PBS


PBS ( Public Broadcasting Service ) is a a great website that offers free in-depth lengthy documentaries on different popular issues.

9- SurfTheChannel


SurTheChannel  which is known as a tv show and streaming website offers a Documentary Section that features more 1800 documentaries.

10- OneBigTorrent


OneBigTorrent is a great place for quality documentary torrents. “ is a new place for sharing material that deals with or is relevant to issues of social justice, progressive and radical politics, independent media, ecology“.

11- Miro


Miro is a video player that provides several channels. You can subscribe to over “1500 web shows, documentary channels and podcasts. Channels include TED Talks, Frontline/World, NOVA etc. mostly in HD content”.

12- FreeDocumentaries, Bodocus and Docuworld.


These website provide free documentaries that are aggregated from Google Video. They are organized into categories such as politics, health, history, religion, business etc.