Edutube in Education

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Edutube is mainly an educational video search platform which was launched in April 2008 . The aim behind the creation of this website is “ to organize the best free online educational videos , and make them easy for you to find , watch and download “. Edutube is more or  less similar to SchoolTube .


Some features of Edutube

Edutube has some very interesting features that might help you in your professional development in general . Among these features I can site :
  • It is free, simple to use and easy to navigate
  • It hosts the best educative videos based on criteria such as rank , popularity and educational value
  • Videos are searchable according to education- relevant search criteria
  • Edutube is community-based and anyone can contribute and share
  • It has a unique system for organizing and tagging videos
  • Edutube allows you to start your own group on a particular theme and edit your own submissions.
  • You can download your videos and watch them offline

How can I get started using Edutube ?

First go to Edutube main page and if you want to be able to upload your videos to edutube and create your own group then you need to sign up . If you just want to look for videos to download you don’t need to register .
To find a specific video you need to :
  • Use the search box at the top left corner of the Edutube website
  • Use the sitemap in the top menu to find videos based on category , duration , language…..etc
  • Use the advanced search options to narrow down your search and specify your criteria. To do so , click on “ search options” .
To learn more about Edutube read their FAQ page .